Patient Testimonials

Beteg Vélemények

It is now nearly two weeks since you replaced my left hip joint and I know that we will be meeting to review my progress in October. However, although it is still very early days, I did want to write to thank you for your care and skill in carrying out my procedure.

When we first met, you were very clear in pinpointing the cause of the problems I was experiencing and equally clear about the best effective treatment available. You explained the potential benefits, gave me a balanced overview of the risks involved and provided a realistic assessment of the recovery journey that I would face. You then helped to organise my admission as a NHS patient with the minimum of delay.

As things have turned out to date, my experience in your care, along with that of all your colleagues at the Droitwich Spa Hospital, has been wholly positive. Although I was obviously concerned, the operation itself was much less stressful than I had imagined and I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly things improved in the days I spent actually in the hospital. I had been told by several friends who have undergone or experienced hip replacement that it is, indeed, a life-changing procedure but most had warned me that the first few post-operative days are very uncomfortable. Thanks to your skill, I believe, this was not the case and I found myself enjoying quite rapid, relatively pain-free progress almost from the first day. It has also meant a great deal to me, living on my own as I do, that my mobility is already approaching something near to normality, relieving me of the need to depend on my very busy daughter and her family.

One thing which I particularly appreciated was that you took the trouble to visit me at the end of each of your long working days when I was still in hospital and were unfailingly kind and supportive.

I cannot thank you enough and look forward to seeing you next month.


I am 55 and in the past have always been very active, playing rugby squash and over the years have covered many miles of running, cycling and walking. This level of exercise has been fundamental to my overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, over time osteoarthritis had taken its toll in my left knee and right hip. The pain was becoming so debilitating that even walking short distances was becoming a problem. It is therefore with great relief that I can thank Mr. Balint and his team at the Droitwich Spa Hospital for effectively giving me my life back. Mr Balint performed a right hip replacement in September 2016 and full left knee replacement in January 2017. The experience of both operations was very positive and pain management excellent. After many years I am now walking with a correct gait, pain free and looking forward to re building strength in my legs to get back to an active exercise programme. With many thanks. Martin Field.



I had my first Total hip replacement in June 2016 at Droitwich BMI. Mr Balint from the first initial consultation through to the actual operation could not have been more professional or approachable. I can not speak highly enough of the whole team involved having now recovered from my 2nd hip Replacement which was done in December 2016. I am now completely pain free and had absolutely no qualms about the surgery once again a very big thank you to Mr Balint for his expertise.



I would like to thank Mr Balint and his team for the total knee replacement he gave me in October of 2016. From start to finish the experience for me was one of complete professionalism on his part. He outlined from the beginning what the procedure entailed and gave me the confidence to know that the outcome would be positive one. As someone in my early Fifties who has always been active throughout my working and sporting life, I realized just how important this knee replacement meant to me , having come through it I can say honestly say that I chose the right Surgeon in Mr Balint



I would very much like to thank Mr Balint, his anaesthetist and all of his team at the BMI Droitwich Spa Hospital for all their hard work on 18/04/16 when I had a total hip replacement. The procedure was literally a dream. Being comforted and reassured at every stage. I have made a good recovery and would recommend Mr Balint and his team to anybody in need of a hip replacement. 10/10 I am pain free and not missing my pre opp limp.Thank you all so much.



I was lucky enough to be referred by my GP to The Droitwich Spa hospital to see Mr Lehel Balint some 2 years ago for my first right hip replacement and again in April this year 4/4/16 for my left hip replacement. I cannot Thank Lehel enough for his care and professionalism throughout this time at 55 yrs old having both hips replaced is very young but without them would have made continuing to work almost impossible. I cannot Thank him enough I now have pain free joints 3 months later I,m riding my bike swimming and walking well, though still slowly well enough to be back at work. I have had a consultation today and will need no further if things continue as they are. So Thankyou Mr Balint for giving me back the ability to continue with a normal life. Thankyou



I would like to thank Mr Balint and all his co workers who work at the BMI Droitwich spa Hospital. I had a full knee replacement on the 16th May 2016 after 2 years of pain. I was made very welcome and put at ease for my surgery and post operation. The treatment and support I have received overall has been of a very high standard. I have no problem recommending the hospital and staff as they all went above and beyond there job. Now 7 weeks later I am pain free and take no medication. Excellent outcome.



Thank you so much for the excellent operations on my hips.The right one in February and the left one in May. Both times my recovery was quick and I had very little discomfort. Your kindness and care was brilliant, thank you so much.



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