0-48 hours

  • Keep hand elevated to minimize swelling.

2-6 weeks

  • New exercises shown in physiotherapy.
  • Cast should be worn at all times except hand washing and exercises.
  • Hand at this stage should not be used for lifting or gripping.

6-8 weeks

  • Wean off splint during day and use hand for light activities.
  • Avoid activities that cause pain.
  • Continue to wear splint at night at this stage until 3 months post op.
  • Light pinch grip and gripping exercises begin.

8-10 weeks

  • Gentle strengthening continued.
  • Resume driving.

10-12 weeks 3 months

  • Night splint discontinued.
  • Joints can continue to settle for 6 months+ post op.

Return to work will depend upon what job patients do—check this with surgeon.


These exercises hourly:

  • Bend and straighten fingers gently(10 times).
  • Bend and straighten tip of thumb, if able (10 times).
  • Bend and straighten elbow(10 times).
  • Lift arm up above the head and down again (10 times).


At two weeks you will be reviewed in clinic, your stitches will be removed

Further follow up will be arranged in 6 weeks after the operation

Professional Memberships :

  • Royal College of Surgeons of England
  • The Royal Society of Medicine
  • General Medical Council
  • Effort  Joint Efforts